Monday, January 26, 2015

Outside of Geneva and inside Lyon.

It was about time we got on over to Nyon, Switzerland to see your friends Ji and Knut. We spent some quality time with the pair stuffing our faces in both food and beverage. We even made time to drive over to Lyon, France to see what the fuss was regarding Lyonnaise cuisine. Below is the evidence in pictures and words.

Getting ready for our first outing, the supermarket. Geneva is pricy, and our short stint at the grocery store, the bill was what the average Ethiopian makes a year. 
Conflicted graffiti in Nyon.
Nyon provides many nice views for a morning walk. 
May I suggest Château de Nyon for your next wedding.
View from the Château. 
Wreck your Saturday and add some kilos to your life with cheese fondue and a bottle of white wine. If it were in front of me now, I would do it all over again.  
Sure, if you can't afford dating. 
Nyon is teaming with visual artists. A fine example of one. 
Lake Geneva on a pleasant afternoon.
Future Olympian ice skater  in training. 
A drive up the hill from Nyon has a nice view of Mont Blanc. 
Good thing I got to witness recycling day. 
We change the N for the L and drove over to Lyon, France to do shopping and eating.  
The old town sounded like the perfect place to camp out. 
Up the hill was La Basilique Notre Dame de Fourvière. 
 La Basilique Notre Dame de Fourvière
Scenic Lyon. 
We partially cheated, we rode the funicular up to the Basilica, but walked back down. 
A Christmas market isn't complete without a ZZ Top cover band.  
What the French think Mexican food is. 
Apparently falafel is legal in Lyon.  
Lyon at sunset (4:30 pm)
Another view
Knut wanted to have a nightcap before heading back to the hotel. He not only found a bartender to play air guitar with, but the bartender used the expresso machine to simulate a fog machine at the beginning of each song. I was treated to a nice air concert of Metallica and Sepultura. 
Ana and I roamed around Lyon and wandered into a museum or two. 
We returned back to Nyon for the Miss Cheese competition.