Monday, February 26, 2018

Barcelona-Senior Trip

Barcelona was the destination for this year's senior class trip. We had a fantastic time. Our adventure included: a flamenco show, taking a flamenco dance lesson, learning to cook paella and a couple of side dishes, a street photo tour, getting lost in a labyrinth, dashing around on a segway, experiencing art, Sagrada Familia, hiking 5 km up to Montserrat Monastery...below are selected images from the trip...sorry about the watermarks-will learn to take them off next time. 

Waiting for the plane.
Separating the egg from the yoke just in case you are wondering.
Moving that chicken around.
Segway army.
What are you looking at?
The Spanish imposter.
We're a happy family.
Preparing the onions for Spanish tortilla.
Team Vegan Paella.
Ramiro Sobral's workshop. To check out his light fixture art visit his site:
Flipping tortilla action shot.
Reading a menu action shot.
Nice paella pan in the back.
Too many cooks in the kitchen.
Pinching salt.
Preparing the troops.
Orange jogger interruption
The only group dinner of the trip. Pizza circus.
How many alley photos can you take?
Our photo guide told me to take take this shot, so I did.
Someone wants to crash the little kid field trip.
Our photo guide told him to do this.
Another technique the photo.
Flamenco dance class.
Parc del Laberint d'Horta
Montserrat hike starting point.
From the Montserrat hike ending point.
MACBA BS (before skaters)
A collection of eyeballs by Frederic Amat.
Stalking security.
After the End of the World exhibition at the CCCB
Lake on top of Parc del Laberint d'Horta
Sextile at the Sidecar Factory.
Walking around Montserrat Monastery.
Offerings at Montserrat Monastery.
All it takes is a couple of people to climb the sculpture and fall off the mountain to warrant a fence.
Once at the top and on the other side of the Montserrat monastery is a lovely walk: Cami dels Degotalls.
Selfie of collecting the audio guides at Sagrada Familia.
MACBA exhibit of Rosemarie Castoro: Focus at Infinity.
Photo of Rosemarie Castoro interacting with her artwork c. 1970.
Avant-garde Catalan artists Joan Brossa's exhibit Poesia Brossa was also in its' final days at MACBA. 
From the Poesia Brossa exhibit.
Modified sign with stenciled riot cops.

Our lovely flamenco dance instructors.