Thursday, March 27, 2014

A little bit of Lake Langano Ethiopia

By being a member of the US Commissary we have privileges of renting their campground on Lake Langano. It is an ideal weekend is one of the only lakes in Ethiopia where you can swim without the fear of getting a parasite, but lucky for me I brought my own that weekend and was pretty much a no-show in hanging out with 15 of our closest friends that came along. Kudos to our friend Kate for setting it all up, we're definitely going to make the trip again and you should too if you're ever in Ethiopia...just watch out for the livestock when crossing the roads and never drive at night unless you like to play Russian Roulette. Sorry for the lack of photo, like I mentioned I had visitors camping out in my intestines.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Paintings from the Ethnographic Museum of the Institute of Ethiopian Studies.

I Went on a field trip with students to the Ethnographic Museum of the Institute of Ethiopian Studies. The paintings on the top floor are among my favorite so far in Ethiopia. Perhaps the cartoon like violence couple with the expressions really touch on a child-like aspect of living here. Below you will find a wide range of life past and present.