Wednesday, February 26, 2014

So, I lied.

True, Camels and Tacos is officially retired, but it seems to be more popular now than when it was active. The post that gets most hits is the Egyptian Beer Guide, why, I'm not sure. If you aren't following our new blog Tibs Tummy about our Ethiopian adventures you should check it out. Additionally, I started a new book/blog on growing-up punk rock in Denver in the early 80's: Bob's tips on becoming a successful punk rocker.  Here are some photos from both Tibs Tummy and Bob's tips on becoming a successful punk rocker. Hope to see you soon.

Monday, August 5, 2013

The End of Camels and Tacos.

Ana and I will be retiring Camels and Tacos since that chapter of our life is in the books. The good news is you can still follow our misadventures at: 

I wanted to do a farewell post this summer but got caught up in the logistics of our Ethiopia move. The pictures below is a summary of our last week in Egypt and hectic summer. Thanks for following the past four years! Enjoy.    

Montazah Palace, Mamoura, and the farms  was a favorite haunt of mine for a Friday morning bike ride,
Mask Crew-on the way to Sidi Bashr. 
The last six months I became a big fan of window displays in Alex. I went walking with my friend Mark Joshua one evening and took several photos. We ended up at a church and the priest gave us each a candy bar. I will miss MJ.   
During the last month, water shortages and power outages were the norm.
Lookin' good. 
It wasn't much of a gym. 
Not really.
Nothing says style like a pair of pants on the head with dangling chains. Be the first of your block to look this good. 
Me too.  
Hab was the man, he made sure we were well taken care of at Schutz. We'll definitely miss the cooks, the cleaning staff and everyone else who made our 4 years in Egypt special. 
Joseph and Lianne-our favorite neighbors from the north.  
Class of 2013
Hanging out with conductor Dr. Gregory Leet, one of my favorite students, Ana with her Gene Simmons impression.  
The San Diego country fair at the Del Mar racetrack has some wild student art... 
...and livestock...
...and Krispy Kreme doughnut sloppy joe, totally fried bacon wrapped pickles...
...Ms. Courtney and Ms. Ana...
...and finally the best people watching. 
Headed over to Tijuana to go bar hopping with Ana's primas Midori and Mayuko (yeah, I know Mexicans with Japanese names). 
One stop included a drums and guitar show in the basement  that reeked of 420. 
Back of the Moustache Bar. 
Ana's old bedroom was a little dusty. 
Saw some live music in Denver. 
Fitzsimmons reminds me of my mom, the commissary, bx/px, doctors, and toy land.  
Went up to Venice Beach to visit my pal Patrick Frank. He just finished revising the latest edition of his textbook so he showed me all the hot spots such as where Lindsay Lohan got busted for shoplifting.  
Supporting great sand artist. 
A little bit of Rich Jacobs action at the Che Cafe. 
Sonny, Brian, and I were the founding members of Savalas (1990-92) and played the Che in the Spring of 1992. We had a reunion minus the music. It was great hanging out. 
Koko's wrist at the Bullfights. 
Sr. Lugo and Ana. 
Rudy and Baldy.
Nosebleed seats.
A trip up to the Redwoods with Noal.
Stockton with Chris and Lori...opening night for steam punk version for his play Alice! 
CH3 at the Tower in San Diego. 
Russian dinner. 
Belly dancing in Balboa Park, men invited. 
Our friend Penny who we worked with in Egypt recently moved to San Diego.
Michelle showing off her new fashion. 
Off to the container with the rest of our goods. 

Monday, June 3, 2013

Taking the kids to Siwa oasis. (Egypt)

Last year I traveled with seniors to Barcelona and this year with middle school students to Siwa oasis-about 30 miles from the Libyan border. Of the two, I would say with the punishing heat and level of commitment, this year's trip was a little more intense. The process of driving 8 hours to get there coupled with the paranoia of security (kidnappings have become more common-so the parents say) set the initial tone. Sadly, I would have to say Egyptian are becoming more like Americans in that fear and uncertanity has started to influence their pursuit of happiness in post-revolution Egypt. But all that adult non-sense didn't keep our kids down, in fact I would say they committed to a festive mood once the bus left the school...junk food, off key singing to pop songs and all.  

We needed a break from the 3 C's: chips, cookies, and cupcakes so we stopped in Mersa Matruh for Pizza Hut.
To serve and protect.
Mersa is a popular summer destination.
The bus driver.
Military checkpoint, there were plenty.
All that driving was worth the wait.
Salt. I ate some salt crystals/dirt on the ground.
Race to the top.
360 view of Siwa
On top of the world.
Dinner time at Cleopatra's bath.
4:30 am at camp.
Mary may have had a little lamb, but so did the dogs.
munch, munch, munch

A walk around camp.
Lit candle in tent = bad idea. Nayla lost some clothes in the fire.
Flies were brutal.
Aly ready for action.
We had to wait an hour to get permission to go into the desert.
Our guards.
On the edge.

This was once a sea.


We did a lot of this, and no one tipped over.

Hazy sunset. We spent several hours at lunch near a salt lake. It was about 112 degrees. Several of us stayed in the cool water.
Sand boarding. I had a nice wipeout.

It may be fun to ride down the coming up is another beast.
Phone service means calls home. Later that evening we camped in the desert under the stars.
Biking in 100 degree heat, not the best idea.
Mountain of the dead.
The bustling metropolis.
She had 72 bites. Her legs were a buffet for biting insects.
Inside the Temple of the Oracle of Amun.
Obligatory jail photo.
Temple of the Oracle of Amun.

View of Shali (the old fortress made of mud bricks) washed away by the rain.
Siwa is pretty conservative and denies it's past homosexuality haven. There are a couple of good articles about Siwa's past regarding relationships between boys and men in the olive groves.
Blood bothers.
Another sunset lost in the haze.
The fish that caused a lot of laughter and tears.