Monday, September 19, 2016

Orval, Belgium and other beer adventures.

On the way home back to the states Ana thought we should spend a couple of days in Belgium to sample the beer to make confirm that it is still tasty. Good news was that is was just as tasty as last time. We rented a car and drove towards Rochefort to be withing reaching distance or the Orval Abbey. We had to investigate rumors of the fresh beer they served there. The plan was made and executed. 
We camped out in this nice little cottage operated by a nice older couple who made sure there was plenty of beer in the fridge. They also cooked up regional meals for us so that we had an authentic experience.
Chateau Jemeppe was right across the street.
Ximena trying to sneak in. 

The Orval Abbey.
Inside the gates of Orval Abbey. There are rooms for people to stay
More of the same.
Sculpture garden.
Cistercian Ruins.
So Ana and I had a discussion, a grand plan of leaving Ximena to be raised by the Monks and Nuns that way they will teach here the skills of making both cheese and beer. And when she turns 18 we'll come back to pick her up and start our own brewery called Orvalita.
There there was an afternoon spent in Luxembourg.
Phone booth in Luxembourg.

On The way to Gent we stopped by Delirium Brewery.
I can get down with this sort of trophy case.
Hanging out with the head brew master.
Then there was Gent to see our good friend who are well documented on our past posts about Gent.