Thursday, February 4, 2016

Images of Alexandria from Sept-Dec 2015

This post has been sitting in the queue for quite a long while. Our return to Alex a photos below. 
A major concern and condition upon returning to Alex was would there still all those amazing brands of potato chips still available every 50 meters? 
Speaking of amazing snack foods, The Flying Chef has moved into our neighborhood.
We missed those election days where every inch of the city is plastered by political posters.
An Egyptian haircut is ALWAYS an adventure. This barber taught me to call women "mooza" which translates to banana. The conversation might go: Mexican bananas are hot!
Typical traffic outside our school.
This has always been one of my favorite buildings in the city. It transcends typical Alex architecture.
Smurf birthday cakes are still all the rage.
Merry Christmas 2016, we are a year ahead of all the rest.
There is a new tram in town, a fancy one with seating and snacks.
An inside view.
Our school is getting a new pool.
A scene from this year's annual fundraiser gala. Included was the paparazzi ready to welcome the guests.
This year's theme was the 70's, but more like disco.
Don't forget to fly in skinny fire twirlers from Beirut.
Ana and I protested disco and went as punks!
Camels in the hood.
Ana's dad picking out dinner.
Looking for Waldo.
Free range chicken.
If you've been looking for these, they have them here.
Around the corner.
Free delivery with each purchase.
Love the color.
Close quarters.
No it's not the S&M turd brothers driving around in the love machine.
Need a gift from Egypt? Taking orders now.
Say it with style.
Duck duck goose.
City living with great views...
with a view of a pool and antique cars.
Show me your your over D.
People we work with.
There are signs telling people not to fish there.
This boy was fishing out plastic bags and throwing rocks at his friends.
K8+8, Sara, and Esme paid us a visit from Ethiopia.
Our kind of candidate.
Still got the blues, Tears in heaven, Things 4 laugh and other Slayer hits.
The secret to successful DIY buildings.
Do you think the giant "Chill out" signs that line the national highway have meaning?