Friday, April 22, 2011

Where are the cats?

This is a trick question as we are no longer in Egypt. It is Samana Santa (Holy Week) and we weighed our options.
A) Stay in Alex at school and save a couple of bucks.
B) Rent villa on the North Coast and spend a couple of bucks.
C) Fly to Abu Dhabi to see a friend and explore a new city and spend quite a few bucks.
D) Go to where there are no visible cats.

To set the record straight, I don't dislike cats though I find some more amusing than others. Ana on the other hand dislikes anything with fur (except me).

We, meaning I had a spiritual Egyptian crisis last week...maybe the past month or two. I had a meeting with our boss and told him I didn't want to come back to Alex. If you are on the international circuit this is a typical April passage. We chatted for awhile in addition to several conversations with Ana as she tends to be more grounded and less impulsive than me. So I told my friend Mo that we wouldn't be coming to visit her in Abu Dhabi as we didn't know our future. We opted Plan C for some sun in the fun with a group of friends. Well, most of the group dropped out and wanted to head to Siwa Oasis (near the Libyan border); who can blame them-it is a pretty impressive place if you haven't been. Plan A, B, and C failed (truth be told, Plan A was never really an option) and there was only one logical thing to do.

Our 10 Euro lunch from the supermarket.  
To be continued...

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