Monday, June 6, 2011

Senior Sale, Slavery, Hazing, etc

An annual May tradition at our school is the beloved Senior Sale. This is the day seniors auction themselves off to supplement "extras" for their end of the year trip. Some students fetch as high as 3000 EGP (approx. $500.00 USD) while some bargains can be had at 400 EGP (approx. $67.00 USD). I am told the consumer may do what they wish with their purchase "within reason." I am going to say the practice of reason is a liberal one.  There are two designated lunch periods in which the festivities are celebrated. At the very least, the American university bound students can now add hazing to their dossier. Read and weep wishing you had as many loving siblings and friends to buy your services for the afternoon.

Washing the floor with mud is always practical. 

Cross dressing is an oldie but a goodie, but most of the senior boys were made to wear really tight shorts while they danced and/or washed cars, I have spared you the viewer of the mentioned images as we only present family appropriate material here at Camels and Tacos. 

...but it's a Versace!

Eating a watermelon without your hands is cruel and unusual.

chomp, chomp, chomp

Who doesn't like a little pie in the face?

Pouring honey on your friend's arm then licking it off might land you a part in a German Avant-garde fetish film... 
...or a serial killer flick.
The Darth Maul wannabe was bound at the wrists to the fire escape and pelted with eggs.
The evidence.
With humiliation comes joy.
(note: not-cross dressers)
If there was a little more thought, maybe swarm of bees might have brightened the occasion.  
Attached to my application you will find my qualifications for wishing to pursue a career at Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp. 
Feed a Friend Hot Tomato Soup Day.
I don't even know what this is.
Thanks Ms. Hania for the rad photos.      

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