Tuesday, December 20, 2011


I had uploaded these and other photos almost a month ago with the intentions of posting them. This time I won't blame my absence from Camels and Taco on laziness. Ana and I have been preparing for our trip to Bangkok, more specifically for a job-recruiting fair. This translates to spending any and all free time dedicated to researching schools all over the globe and establishing correspondence with headmasters where there are potential openings. 

During the Eid break in early November we had a chance to visit Budapest and Prague with our friend Carrie. It was cold, we saw some interesting bands, ate various versions of pork fat, sampled beer, drank chunky wine, walked-a lot, took in new sights, had history lessons and everything else in-between. This is our evidence.     

Your favorite new metal band. You're never too old to rock and roll.
A view from Buda
The object that looks like a partial cartwheel is concentrated bacon-each little sliver is a package of bacon exploding in your mouth.
Night view of the Danube from the Margaret Bridge 
Morning view of the above.
Your favorite new coffee stand.
I like signs, what can I say.
Ana wondering how many more stairs to climb to the Buda Castle

Fisherman's Bastion
Matthias Church
We rented an apartment in the city and the owner not only told us the sights to see but also places to eat.  The cherry tart had me doing stage dives off the table. 
Hungarian National Archives building.
Is it a mailbox or a droid? 
Ana's first real experience with fall and leaves. She collected quite a few. The colors and variety were pretty amazing.
The troll awaits.
Not the chain bridge.
At the bottom of Gellert Hill
The Central Market is a haven for everything good and bad-produce, meats, cheese, paprika, handicrafts, food, and beverages.   
We met up with one of Carrie's friend and went to a rock concert. ZZ Top played in this room. 
The band, the guitarist on the left is wearing WWI aviation goggles because he can.
There are many walls of fame in the club.
House of Terror. First run by the Nazi's then by the Communist.
A stroll down Andrassy Street
Outside the House of Terror.
The museum is a memorial to the victims of the Nazi and Communists.
The next couple of photos are a bit sloppy due to the no camera policy-they wanted you to buy the book, which we did. Photos of the victims profiles stretching three stories.
Torture chambers.
The basement is where the suspected members of the political opposition were beaten, tortured and murdered.

Frida delivers tacos y mas.
Statement of the year.
Spanish guide for Hungarians.
Every rock band needs a megaphone and a stuffed pigeon.
Does your favorite rock club have a Jurassic park room? Didn't think so.
The guy holding the beer became my instant friend when I walked into the club. We started chatting away about music. His voice reminded me of Barney from the Simpson. My job was to buy him beers as he was out of money. He did ask me to go "pick up chicks" with him, I told him I was already married. I ran into him later trying to pick up another guy's girlfriend (see photo above) 
A band dressed in drag from France also played making the headlining band (from the USA) a bit mad.
Carrie enjoying a bowl of goulash. 
If you're a fan of meat and potatoes, Budapest is your calling. What's better than a meat dish? Additional meat with it. 
Punk rock!
I bet you want a job at the airport climbing on the glass ceiling.

Gellert-Pricy, fancy, not unisex,
Kiraly-had live festive music and dancing, a maze, inexpensive, unisex, got massage aka beatdown
Rudas (pictured above)-Our favorite, inexpensive, unisex (weekends), hot-hot water, cold-cold water, very local, and some PDA (public display of affection).    

Finally there was the tram and the police. A great scam if I don't say so myself. The key ingredient is to find a place to purchase a ticket. We are stupid Americans and didn't know we couldn't buy tickets on the tram. There was a group of 10 controllers and police waiting to board next to us. We got on and they asked for our tickets as we were trying to buy some as the doors closed. You see where this is going. We get kicked off at the next stop followed by a group of uniformed officers and asked to each pay a 60 EURO fine (180 total) or we would go to jail. They made us read the confession card that said we were in violation of the law etc. I told the controller to call the police because we didn't have that sort of money on us. One of them said that they were the police. Then I asked call the US Embassy (I was pulling all the stops). I opened my wallet (as my money was hidden on my body) and produced about what amounted to a EURO. After 10 minutes of this routine they yelled at us to go home. Talk about dodging a bullet.       

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