Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hong Kong part 1

Call it China Lite but whatever you do don't call someone from Hong Kong Chinese, at least that is what I've been told. Our friends MJ, Jill, and baby El have moved out of the dust and debris excitement of Egypt into a more subdued (and affluent) side of Hong Kong Island; Repulse Bay.

The quiet community of Repulse Bay was once a hideout for pirates. During the Second World War it was a stronghold for the allied forces.
Hong Kong's Boyz in the Hood. 
MJ calls it Deep Throat Bay (lit. Deep Water Bay). 
Kwun Yam Shrine is the pride and the cause of street lined tour buses of Repulse Bay.   
MJ and Jill called the attraction Tin Hau, which is a Taoists goddess of the sea who protects fishermen and sailors, at least that is what I gathered from reading the plaques. 
It was a definite destination as hordes of tourist prayed, touched, gave money to, lit incense, and tied bows around the icons, deities, and figures. 
This woman must have spent 5-minutes trying to toss a coin into the mouth of the fish. I eventually got mine in only to find out it's for fertility. 
Not pictured is the longevity bridge and by crossing it will add extra days to your life. 
MJ hiding behind Buddha (there were many different shapes and styles to choose from). 
 Stanley Kubrick comes to mind. 
At the end of my Kwun Yam Shrine adventure, I would describe it as a marriage between a Buddhist temple and a Chinese Zodiac amusement park.  
Although MJ and Jill don't own a car, their neighbors do. 
Our hosts.
I wonder if Campbell's makes this flavor?
The likes of Shepard Fairey has infected the big island.
My favorite new painting.
Are you a little short of Communist Chinese porcelain figures, fret no more. 
Have a craving for snake and/or turtle? 
We were fans of sausage, but Cantonese style? As far as culinary goes, the Chinese leave no stone unturned.
Stay tuned for part 2. 

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