Friday, June 1, 2012

Barcelona, Spain Part 1

I have to thank the senior class of 2012 for the opportunity to see Barcelona in the flesh. The gig was simple: travel with 14 students, visit museums and other cultural institutions during the day then have the late afternoons and evenings free. Call it a win-win. 
Senioritis at the airport in full effect. 

Ms D chomping down on the first of many vegan burgers. 
MACBA (Museum of Contemporary Art Barcelona) is a skateboarder's haven.  
Didn't quite make the land.
The following 3 photos document an altercation between two boys.  

The kids wanted to take in the Catalonian vibe at the Hard Rock Cafe. 
4 out of 5 Catalonians own a French Bulldog-the official domestic pet of the region. Not only are they cute, but have the added advantage of chasing tourists on Segways. 
We eventually outran the charging pups.
Inside MACBA

One of the perks of having the late afternoons and evenings free was the chance to rent a bike and see the real Barcelona. I managed to ride about 70 Km in 2 days. 
 Parc de Diagonal Mar is worth a visit.

Random find no. 321:  Punk club in El Poblenou. I rode up to the building to snap a photo and met a guy who told me his band was playing later that evening.  
To my students I referred to this building as the dual speed loaf of bread. 
Barca punk band in action. It was nice to see live music again.
A student trip isn't complete without an obligatory aquarium visit. 
The kids were ready to kill Ms. D and I for making them hike up to Park G├╝ell. I'm sure most were happy once they experienced the amazing views and architecture.
We combed about every aspect of the park. Gaudi is a genius.
Gothic quarter sculpture.
Along the corniche

Random find no. 613: Ska concert on the street. Thank you bike! 
Thank you bike and stairs. Yes, call me a cheater...the climb to the Olympic stadium, etc was a just a little steep. 
StairMaster 2000. To be continued...

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