Thursday, November 22, 2012

Barcelona again!

I had the choice on attending an art teacher workshop in Dubai or Barcelona and as a matter of a simple coin toss Spain emerged as the victor. The conference was a bit of a bore the first day but drastically improved once we started looking at student projects and portfolios. As a result I'm IB/DP category 1 trained, like you really care. All it really does is open up a new job market thus meaning I have the knowledge to jump through different colored hoops. 

Now to the good part. I stayed with 2 couples at their flat in a local, bohemian neighborhood near Fontana station. They showed me the sights and sounds of Barca. The long weekend consisted of punk shows, a craft brew/boutique wine and cava/tapas festival, walking, and correfok (fire run).     

The guy on the left, I met on the plane-he was wearing a Sonic Youth/Necros shirt so we became instant friends...he was on the way back home from a Peace Corps Africa gig and had a couple day stopover in Barcelona. Julia and Jorge on the right lived at the place where I was staying. 
The Cat Bar-craft brew and vegan burgers!

Nice to see a band you know. Obits!
Catching-up backstage. 
The article written about this Spanish band described them as Rites of Spring meets No Means No and that was enough for me to go check out the show. Shoot me for forgetting their name. 
Susanna and Balint soon to be wed and the masters of the flat I stayed at. 
Every city needs an all button store.
Popcorn vending machine at the local movie house. 
Setting up for correfoc (fire run). 

Pamacs (lit. small brush in Hungarian) is Susanna's cat that I had dreams about. BTW I am working on an exhibit for next summer based on the end of the world/taking cat dreams I had while staying in Barcelona. 
For my workshop the facilitator gave us participants a packet of materials to create a work of art. Mine was site specific-I found a clothing store's window that best suited the work. It stayed up for two days. One paper fell during a rain storm but someone put it back up. Ironic that someone cared. 

The festival's recycle center.
There was a lightning storm in the background.

Not only did the Spaniards steal Mexican gold but the nachos as well. 

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