Saturday, December 8, 2012

Mannequins in Alexandria, Egypt

If you came here hoping this posting was about your favorite 80's movie starring Andrew McCarthy and Kim Cattrall you'll be sadly disappointed. Instead you will be sampling some of the finest fashionable mannequins Egypt has to offer. The streets near Raml station is lined with all your fashion needs from sneakers to niqabs to fake fur to lacy bras sold on a street cart pulled by a donkey. It is all here waiting for you.  
I'm not sure what to say about this one.
They are coming to get you.

Things nightmares are made of.

What Chucky and his bride look like under normal conditions.
Third place award goes to social media fashion.
Brown shirt candidates.
Blue hair is all the rage.
Long neck fashion. The man in the reflection followed me for quite awhile, I felt obligated to buy him lunch but he eventually disappeared. 
The runner up
Spice up your fashion and impress your friends with dangling chilies. 
You can never wear too much blue eye shadow. 
Boys you don't want your daughter dating.

101 uses for a mop
Frat boy fashion 
Makes an excellent Christmas gift.
For those of you who miss the 80's.
And the winner is...
Is this on the Muslim Brotherhood's approved head accessories list?
I've always said that rabbits are a huge selling point.
It is a shame that more people don't cover their faces with fur.
You can have it both ways.
The beehive gone wasp nest.


  1. Haven't checked out your blog in awhile, but glad I did this evening- these photos are amazing and great!

  2. I should not have read this post in the quiet library.