Monday, September 22, 2014

Photos that didn't quite fit in.

Some of these didn't quite fit into other posts. Below is a mishmash of photos from the past and present. Enjoy. 

I raided the family photo album. This is suppose to be me. Note the North Drive-In in the background and the family's sweet blue Plymouth.  
Puffy jacket, Toughskins, Keds, and a Murray Bike. Just your regular party animal with some matches in his pocket ready to go set fire to something.  
Second day back in the states this summer, jet-lagged and all. What's the cure? Run off to go see a Dr. Know show. 
My brother George hunting as a teen. Just a little too eager.
Note to self, don't pack coffee in the suit case next year.
Going through old boxes and came across a stack of letters from my friend Rich. He wrote these when he was on his mission. Great stuff. 
Scanning my past...
Some more Dr. Know action.
Dad hanging out with his youngest great grandson.
My friend Larry has a lot of great relics from the 80's punk era. 
Ana and I jumped over the fence to Tijuana for an evening of art and tacos.
Some more cool art
The lovely Cecut in downtown Tijuana.
More Cecut
Ana submitted some fotos (Photos) for a lecture/ exhibition about the role of street photographers in Tijuana past and present. We went to opening night.
Classic TJ street photography. Family on the donkey/zebras. 
Crossing back to the USA...many hours later. 
I don't like it when people come up to our car and beg for money, but I like it when people find inventive means to make money. This was a cool idea and a nice souvenir for waiting a couple hours in line. 
Took a train to LA. Union Station. 
My friend Patrick had the Duke over to solve the world's problems.  
West LA
Patrick felt bad that I had never been to the Getty, he was more than happy to remedy the situation. 
With Photoshop, the smog is gone. 
David Hockney's iPad art @ LA Louver. He might have saved a few bucks on paint, but you should have seen his electric bill. 
Ana's tias y primas.
Enrique and Selina at their opening in Barrio Logan. 
Some more Chikle art. 
Someone's Balboa Park juice disaster. 
Sunny San Diego aka Whale's Va-jay-jay
Balboa Park Museum of Man. 
More Balboa Park.
Roaming around Banker's Hill
An afternoon devoted to beer tasting with Rudy and Yvette.
Uncle Bob RIP

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