Sunday, November 12, 2017

Cee and Fisterra Spain, end of our Camino

Well, we couldn't just quit the Camino cold turkey. We stayed the night in Santiago de Compostela, just enough time to collect our certificates and sample a bit of the big town. We though it might be better if we headed to Cee for a little R&R-meaning not getting up at 6 am and walking for 6 plus hours like we have been doing for the past month. 

Cee was clam, nice to walk around, and put our feet into the water. About a 10-minute walk along the water we enter the pueblo of CorcubiĆ³n. It was just our good fortune to encounter their annual medieval festival-music, food, beverages, crafts, dancing and borrachos. Good family fun for all.

At some point it was suggested that we continue the Camino to Fisterra (lit. end of the world). We thought it would be a short couple hour walk from Cee to Fisterra. It wasn't. Three hours later we enter the town of Fisterra, but the place we needed to be was an addition 3 km to the lighthouse at Cabo Fisterra. We came this far so on we went up the hill. We took our obligatory photo at the 0 km marker. Then the reality set in that we had to find a way back to Cee. We found a nice lady with a station wagon, made her an offer she couldn't refuse, and off we went. That point was the real end of our Camino.  

Someone got a new hat!
Could smell from far away.
Party with me punker.
Jamon 4eva
The tide is out.
A view on the way to the end of the world.
K8 and Monica at the 0 KM marker
The end of the world has a long way down.
Bay at Cee
Rock collector
Our GPS took us the scenic route and we drove across a dam on our way to Cee.
Driving to Cee.
There's a couple of things going on.
Yes, they are playing The Trooper by Iron Maiden.
A view on the way to the end of the world.
Nice marker.
Finsterra off in the distance.
We've arrived.

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  1. would lo e to read all of your camino blog with your toddler and best stroller but unable to find it ��