Monday, May 10, 2010

Student Artwork

A posting dedicated to showing a sample of my student's artwork (grades 9-12). I noted the name of the artist. Feel free to post comments as they will be following along. Enjoy.

Nahla is a master of showing up to class with these types of drawings.

Adam's "how save the earth" poster

Yasine's still life

Another one of Nahla's weekend inspired paintings.

Hana hopes to be a fashion designer in the near future. Her sketchbook is filled with amazing ideas.

Some of Hana's designs from the fall collection.

Marina has the color pencil thing down.

Marina takes a stab at block printing

Hana is trying something new.

Marina can also use oil pastels.

Nahla's political assignment.

Brandon's rooster

Nahla's inner world

Raya likes Bollywood monochromatic style.

Nathaniel has created more than a dozen drawings, prints, paintings, and ceramic pieces of his bird. He on his way to becoming an outsider artist.

Amina likes her block print and I do too.

Amina wants Muslims and Christians to get along.

Amina's ink wash-one of my favorites of hers.

Farida's flower.

Farida got the idea from a photograph she took on our field trip.

This was the first major assignments of the year and since I was barely getting to know the strengths of my students, I was blown away when Marina turned in her donkey drawing. 

Marina took a photo of this lady during our field trip and wanted to recreate the image using charcoal.

Nourhan political painting. It was her first attempt using oil paints.

Soha's nightmare, it is a large drawing that took her over a month to complete.

Soha's drawing based off a photo she took.

Hana goes R Rated new wave with her fashion designs.

9th grade Raya showing off her painting skills.

If Yasine doesn't make it as a basketball star he can always fall back on his talents of Egyptian landscape paintings. 

I need to tell Noureen to take the date off of her photos, it ruins a picture.

Dina's photo

Another Dina photo

Amina's bike

Nathaniel's quick shot

Cameron took many nice photos and this was one of them. 

Nahla's Cameron through the broken glass.


  1. Rob, you have some very talented students! Enjoyed everyone! Thank you for sharing.

  2. nice work kids. you have a great teacher in mr. bob!

  3. what does amina's ink wash say? the only time i've seen that type of old school arabic is on the front of the holy qur'an.

    that's an awesome picture.

  4. Seriously impressive artwork!