Thursday, May 13, 2010

Taxis, women, and the call to prayer.

The art making experience in Egypt wasn't what I hoped it to be. I did manage to crank out some pieces throughout the year, the most prolific time period being before winter break. Below is a sample of my output. Name a price and it can be yours. 

Taxi Number 2 mixed media 18" x 24" 2010

Taxi Ride mixed media 22" x 24" 2009

Covered Women oil on water color paper 16" x 24" 2009

Covered Woman oil on water color paper 16" x 24" 2009

Girl Waiting linocut edition of 13 6" x 9" 2009

After the Call To Prayer linocut edition of  7" x 7" 2010

Red Call to Prayer 18" x 18" mixed media 2009

Light Blue Call to Prayer mixed media 24" x 24" 2009

Orange Call to Prayer mixed media 24" x 24" 2009 

Rude Awakening pencil on paper "20 x 20" 2009

Coming From All Sides charcoal on paper 18" x 18" 2009

Allah Reaching Out To You pencil/charcoal on paper 20" x 20" 2009

The Sound Finds You Between Buildings charcoal on paper 20" x 20" 2009

Listening To the Call On the Corniche pencil/charcoal on paper 18" x 24" 2009


  1. "girl waiting"
    i like that one...

    save that for me


  2. Wow! Bob, these are amazing! I love the Covered Women. I'd really like some of your work to remember our really good friend by.

  3. Hey bob. I like "Listening to the Call on the Corniche" Waddya take fer it?