Thursday, October 7, 2010

6th of October and Art Rooms

Happy 6th of October! We have 4th of July in the states and the Egyptians have their version of it...everything government related was closed except our school and the students weren't too pleased. Several seniors from last year came home from college in Cairo to visit, one even sat in on one of my classes and made art.

This posting will be devoted to our Art rooms.

We seldom hear the phrase "Egypt Rocks" but 7th grader Jomana made sure the message was heard.

When we left for the summer the upper school art room was white, now it has grown some nicely painted bricks.

Surveillance cameras were installed last year, but I didn't feel protected enough. I made large photocopy faces of some of my students to keep an eye on my room...many people think they are real.

Mr. Al one of the former art teachers painted this on the wall near the entrance. I met him at the NESA Conference in Bangkok last April and he asked me if it was still there. Yes Al, why would anyone want to paint over this masterpiece?

Inside the upper school art room.

Cabinets where I stash the goods. Made of real wood.

A view from the sinks. The tables, chairs, cabinets were all handmade by the carpenters at school. Need something made? They'll do it for you. My room reminds me of a 4-lane bowing from the 50's.

The ceramics room is located on the second level and only used in the cooler months.

There are two kilns, one works one doesn't. The crux of the mystery is how did they get both of them up the stairs and in the kiln room? The answer might reveal one the broken unit functions as a glorified shelf.

Broken kiln, pretty ain't it!

Ms. Ana's art room where the lower school students meet.

Mummy cats anyone? Meow meow.

Nothing goes to waste in an art room.

A guide to hand washing.

The wall of fame.

We got new computers this year!

We're watching you!

Dats right!

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