Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sports Day and A Movie

Don't fear I have a quality posting coming up soon in the vain of an on-line learning activity, perhaps a "how to" those itching to learn some local culture. I am very excited about this project. Stay tuned. In the mean time there are a couple of items on the table worth noting.

Item #1. Movies. Last night Ana and I went to go see the cutesy
Despicable Me; a computer-animated 3-D film. Film times: 4:00, 7:00, 10:00, and 1:00 am. We opted for the 7 o'clock time as most people avoid early showings. A nice little feature at the box office is choosing your seats after paying. Movie prices are never posted so they tend to "fluctuate" and if you want the 3-D glasses that goes with the film be prepared to pay extra. When we saw Avatar we had to rent glasses by dropping a deposit and only getting a portion of it back at the end of the movie. The best part of the evening is the sudden interruption of film, which is a ten minute intermission of blaring gangster rap. I would consider Despicable Me a family film and Busta Rhymes rapping about "bitches" and oral sex tends to be a strong contrast. The irony is that anything beyond kissing is censored. Fo' shizzle!

Item #2. Sports Day. Remember back in Elementary school when we had Field Day? Sports Day is our version of it minus the ribbons. Do they still have Field Day back in the states or have academics replaced that as well? Teacher friends out there I need some confirmation-please post in the comment section to let my readers know. I remember back in the day it was a little more sports oriented, meaning the majority of the activities were centered around a skills such a running and endurance with ribbons going to first, second, and third place winners. Rumor has it that ribbons hurt people’s feelings so we don’t give those out anymore. Sports Day at Schutz consisted of soccer skills, basketball, musical hoops, bowling, etc. Each team’s make-up ranged from Pre-K 4 age students to high school seniors. Below are snap shots of the event.

Fashion super stars Hoda and Hussein modeling this year's popular wears.

Water Sports Station. The objective of this activity was for a team to get the water from one bucket to another via a sponge.

Making sure all the water was out.

Soccer skills.

The Penalty Shot Station was popular.

This was a fun one to watch.

No chairs? Musical hoops works just fine.

Want to make kids pass out? A favorite amongst asthmatics and heavy smokers. Using a straw to blow a ping pong ball through a maze.

One of the Red Team kids taking on the Grey team captain. And if you didn't have a grey shirt, black will do.

Red Rover meets anarchy and 90 degree heat.

Dingo is our new fearless leader of the Upper School.

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  1. My school also gave out green ribbons for 4th place. I took home exactly one of those for my grand total ribbon count in the first grade.