Monday, September 5, 2011


Home is a strange place, there are many ghosts of memories for me in Denver. I can say with certainty that life is short and people are here one day and gone the next. Tragic in a way. I have always valued my family and friends and wished that I could express it more. I made the decision this summer to reconnect with people I don't get to see often. I believe people in life past and present make up our very being and influence us in subtle ways we are unaware of. My catching-up is lifelong work in progress that has no possible end. If I haven't connected with you in awhile, don't fret our time together is coming soon. 

I got a call from my friend who told that the band (Itchy-O) might be playing at a secret location that night in Denver. Great, if you know where the location is. He directed me to the Justice League of Street Food Facebook page for further instructions. The JLSF is a fancy name for a roach coach alliance. If you have worked at a construction site then you know what mobile street food is all about. The twist to the Justice League is urban gourmet including the likes of cupcakes and micro brews. Call it the adult stationary ice cream truck. 
The group of street food super heros band together and pick a secret location to throw a massive vacant lot party and announce it the day of on Facebook usually using clues. Sad to say that I ate dinner prior to the event. I could have used the extra 2000 calories.
My buddy Matt sampling an Avery IPA. We circled the waggons a couple of times people watching.
Just as we had given up hope we heard noise and saw flashing lights and what looked to be fire coming out of a hearse from down the alley. The procession arrived. It was as if Darth Vader and the Imperial Fleet went down to National City/Tijuana and turned into luchadors Zapatistas and traded their weapons for marching band instruments and uniforms. Each member carried their own-the bassist strapped the amp to his back...akin to a M.A.S.H. unit. The 20 plus member group is reputed for crashing events like the one this particular evening.
What sucks more than my photographs is the inability to upload a video of the event that truly captures the moment. In place you'll have to visit the Colorado Public Radio website (click here) for a better visual and understanding of the event. 

My sister Jorgi turned 60, it was a backyard cupcake and grilled meat extravaganza.
The Accordion Babes passed through the Lions Lair pawning their tunes and 2011 pin-up calendar.
As Jill Razer would say and I would interpret-so that it sounds PG-13-Denver's least likeliest place where you'll find someone to take home for the night. Beer goggles just don't work at the Lions Lair.
Lucky for you The Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception is right around the corner waiting. Sadly Jerry's Records, one of the staples of my youth and adulthood on the opposite corner is long gone. One of the best places on the planet to fine obscure albums be it the Sounds of Medical Heartbeats of Dogs (for vets in training) or a Japanese pressing of an Herb Alpert single. The bins were a goldmine packed with so many gems of long forgotten bands. I stopped by my all time favorite Wax Trax and had a chat with the owner Duane about Jerry's disappearance.
Also across from Jerry's is Taki's formally known as the Golden Tempura Bowl back in the day. Home of the Flu Killer Soup. Since then the place has moved down the block, the original owner passed, and the menu expanded making it more yuppie friendly. Change is a bitch and although the meal was decent, there are too many attached memories and sometimes you have to let go.
One of my oldest school friends, Lentini. We did our first comunion together in 3rd grade, he drew the best Battle Star Galatica ships during catechism class and his art only got better from there.
I'm always stoked when a former college classmate actually becomes an artist, or I should say stays an artist. I remember a visiting artist at our university once said to an auditorium full of art students "in 10 years most of you won't be making art" maybe he was right. Rebecca and Aunt Ruby are having a thoughtful art discussion. Congrats on being the fine arts chair at RMCAD!  
This is Brian, bassist for Lyin' Bitch and the Restraining Orders (LBRO), I know, you wish you thought of the name yourself. My friend Sonny, Brian, and I had a band in college (Rotoflo-pre Savalas) and would practice in our living room. Most of the neighbors were cool except one girl from the apartment in back who kicked open the door yelling for us at the top of her lungs. Maybe the other neighbors were hoping that we'd be the next Firefall, Big Head Todd, or the Samples so they could say they knew us when.
One of the fine bar stools at the Lions Lair.
The kids keeping the hardcore punk torch burning 30 years later. 
LBRO in action. Gay pride cape and Pabst Blue Ribbon helmet. The failure to upload the video had plagued me once again. 
Where grass doesn't grow, rocks, a wishing well, plus fake deers is an advisable alternative for the backyard.
Another former school mate Tommy aka Splodge with his son. His band Immoral Attitude was the reason why I wanted to start my own band back in 82. Old punks die hard.
It was about time Ana and I went to check out the renovated Denver Art Museum. It's hard to pass up a photo op with a Claes Oldenburg sculpture. 

More of the DAM complex.
In keeping with the spirit of visiting old friends, three-fifths of our old band the Aberant met one afternoon at Tom's trailer to shoot the shit. Cheerios hat Johnny (to your left) long lost the hat but still makes killer raw art and cranks out the tunes. Tom sold his gear and bought stock in vintage straight razors and travels across America in his trailer. 
Enjoying an afternoon beverage at my dad's bar. The man is the middle in Joe, one of the math teachers at our school in Egypt who happens to live just down the street. 

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