Friday, February 17, 2012

Chiang Mai Thailand

In retrospect we could have done a better job in exploring all that Chiang Mai had to offer. We just didn't go for the gusto; no elephant rides, no silk village tours, no jungle adventures. Somehow we were content with hanging out inside the walls of the old city getting massages and wondering from Wat to Wat (monastery Buddhist temple). We'll do a better job next time, I promise.    

A nice little gem.
Where do all the unsold pirated straight to DVD movies go? The Tha Phae Gate has giant sculptures made from the likes of Garth Brooks and Godfather 3.  

The night market was a hit-I'm sure every American blows a gasket when experiencing one for the first time. Imagine a swap meet on steroids and out of control.  
Ana was pooped so I had to experience Thai Boxing on my own. The spectacle was definitely catered for tourists. Betting was allowed and encouraged. Ringside seats were available if you're itching to be showered by another man's sweat.

The chubby guy didn't have a chance. Were the fights legit? I'm not sure. Halfway through the evening, there was a free-for-all round. 

Tattoos on fighters were common.

We couldn't pass up the insect museum, it is the life's work of the couple running it. 

This should have been our new painting.

One Wat had some unusual lawn decorations.

Donald Duck eating a bowl of noodles with chopsticks is exactly what I thinking when walking into a Buddhist temple. 

Ana found a yoga studio and I found a terracotta garden or buddha heads.

There was a more upscale area away from backpackers near the university worth exporing.

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