Monday, February 13, 2012

Thai Food, Beverages, Job Fair, Art, and Punk Jackets

Chiang Mai and Bangkok followed Hong Kong. Our main purpose in traveling to the far east was for a job fair. We made it known to a handful of friends that we were planning on leaving Egypt at the end of the school year. The Bangkok Fair was a rough one; competitive, congested with type A personalities, and overrun by top tier Asian Schools. Ana and I realized how quickly the American curriculum is a dinosaur in a global perspective. The question is how do we make ourselves more marketable from here on out.

I made it two rounds with the top school in Shanghai. I was approved by the superintendent and wife, the second in command (HR), but the principal insisted the school needed someone with IB experience or else the parents would riot! That is where our story ended. The number two guy told me to take a two-year gig with a second tier IB school that would train me then I would be golden. Perhaps China is in our future.

We also interviewed with a school in Korea. The school is new and the recruiters were a bit green and not very professional. We ran into the pair several times while we were out and about; they didn't seem too concerned tending to their task of hiring people.

In the end it looks like we'll be spending a fourth year in Egypt. We aren't exactly heart broken being that school really takes good care of us in every way possible. All the bad luck the folks here wished us in finding a new home, worked. When the day comes it will be hard to leave.

Now it's time to get down to the business of food, beer, and painted leather punker jackets.          

Yes, I have no idea what I'm eating, but it tasted like crispy sweet olives.
Khao Soi and Chang beer is the breakfast of champions.
Just outside town you'll find the 1000-person capacity Chiang Mai German Micro-Brewery complete with a rock band playing in front of a giant screen TV. We tasted all six of their brews including the Oktoberfest.   
I met the brewmaster who was more than happy to offer me a tour of the facilities. 
A pretty salad.
Craving a snack from an upcycled cooking oil bin, no problem. 
Need an organic salad with tofu, try Salad Concept in the yuppie part of the city.
Heads will roll-specifically have rolled!
Various meats on a stick.
Fish family.
Cinnamon rolls impostors.  
If you feels chips has too many fat, calories, and carbs, try a packet of grubs...
...or you can just stick to pork skins!
When in doubt on how to make Thai food, take a class. We did.
Ana conjuring up Thai food demons. 
One of the results.
Eating with these.
We passed.
Painted leather punk jackets can be found at the weekend market (Chatuchak) in Bangkok. 
Ready for the pit bro.
In the artist quarter of the weekend market we found our new favorite Thai artist.  
It was a tough choice between the two, but we decided on this piece. Stay tuned for The Chiang Mai post.  

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  1. Chaing Mai was great. I highly recommend the Elephant Nature Park and Tiger Kingdom!

    The school in Las Vegas I taught at had an IB program, but they didn't give me any IB classes. I was really bummed.