Monday, April 22, 2013


Spring break usually means escaping the cold and finding a warm beach somewhere at any costs even if you live near the beach you seek a warmer one. I suppose we all need to thaw out after a cold winter. In our case we did the opposite, we went searching for cold and found it. The warmness we sought was the company of old and newly made friends.

True, we spent most of our time in Flanders, but did venture to the French side for a couple of days to cautiously explore Belgium's other half. Maybe the former industrial town of Charleroi wasn't the best example, but it was an adventure and that is we seek out here at Camels and Tacos.

Need a quick fix of frites (fries) or fried shaped processed meats? There are plenty of establishments that will cater to your appetite.
How to clog the arteries 101.
James and Harry enjoying a pinch (normal beer).
Harry surprised us with this breakfast item. I didn't think I'd ever eat head cheese. Let this be a lesson in the never say never category.
Is it a bar or an antique shop? Enjoy your favorite beer and buy an old tube radio for 40 euros.
Another Bar/Antique shop that serves soup and quiche.
Museum of Industrial Archeology and Textile in Gent is a great way to spend a couple of hours. We weren't allowed to take photos of the exhibits, so a view of the city is all you get.
Canal shot.
Curtis (Joy Division tribute band) drummer Stephane finds the love of his life in a painting at Chantal's.
Hatched egg Easter cake (say that 5 times fast-bet you can't.)
Each bakery we passed sold their own handmade Chocolate bunnies.
Bunny patrol on the herb garden.
Why stop at head cheese...quail eggs and goose liver pâté was also on our menu... was a sorbet made from cava.
Jab forks in a grilled mackerel and garnish with a side of baked tomatoes-let your dinner guests dig in.
End dinner with cheese, dates, nuts, chocolate eggs, or whatever you want.
Els aka 100% was responsible for our 8-hour Easter feast.
The funeral
Goedroen and Els making a mess.
I learned something new about digestives. After a heavy meal, an after meal sip of a little somethin'-somethin' will put your intestines back in order. Els dad makes a pear liqueur.

A wood stove in action.
House of  the artist.
A night stroll through Gent
Belgium's Angry Birds.
The 5 Euro Turkish pizza is always hearty.
James is a painter
He was commissioned to make a Botero-esque painting. A nod to Goya and Velázquez in the background.
Els textile interpretations of paintings by James. 
Then there was Charleroi, more importantly Shanty. We found Shanty on airbnb and by his photos we knew we had to stay at his place.
Shanty acquired his decor on his travels to India and the far east.
His office/kitchen
You're thinking restaurant, we were thinking restaurant. More importantly we were thinking Belgium-French nachos. Nope. Dance club. Charleroi has a lot of them.
Instead of nachos we tried something new. It was a cold day, so why not have a cold mystery meal for lunch. Unlike the Dutch side where some English is understood, an hour away no English is understood. We concluded the cold meal ended up being some sort of fish. Later we found out it was eel. Glad eel is off the bucket list.
Ana was more cautious and ordered les boulettes (meatballs in tomato sauce).
Around town
We did find our Mexican restaurant in Charleroi, it might have been called Chi Chi's. We also found a very wasted Mexican lady from Acapulco wanting to be Ana's best friend. She had the attention of the whole establishment. We did sit next to a nice lady and her kids...she asked why in the world would we came to Charleroi. The other table next to us had birthday party and the restaurant busted out the champagne and sombreros.
Shanty decided we should have a wig party at 10 in the morning. He brought out his box of wigs and fun was had by all.
I see a new hair style in the future.
Ana as a blonde.

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