Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Kortrijk, Belgium

Why Kortrijk? The little town in west Flanders seemed a like a good point for riding bikes, jumping on over to Lille, France and visiting some of the smaller breweries in the region (coming soon). A common sight you'll see around town are golden spurs in reference to The Battle of Golden Spurs in 1302. Kortrijk was also a battleground during both world wars and nearly bombed out of existence by the allies in 1944 though a few medieval structures remain. Our accommodations were at someone's home turned bed and breakfast. As an added bonus, the carnival was in town. 

A Tour of Flanders racing team camping out in front of Kortrijk's train station.
Old apartments coming down.
Memorial near our house.
Your guess is as good as mine.
A different kind of trampoline at  Groeningebridge and Albertpark. There is even a skate bowl if you want to bring your board and do so some shredding.
Catching some air.
The strangest carnival attraction we didn't take a photo of was where you can climb into a giant bubble and bump into others while in a pool of water. 
The carnival artwork was pretty sweet, like this mural that has people breaking into the apartment and a woman's lover (or a John skipping on his bill) leaving via a fire escape. 
Parrots and boobs.
Frolicking in the water and the unhappy banana vendor.
Fun House
The city on the Leie.
Lille, France was a short 30-minute train ride and seeing the Depeche Mode poster was Ana's favorite part.
French artist Jean-François Fourtou's installation Tombée du Ciel (Fallen from the sky) might be the best sight in Lille
Lille center.
Paul's Boutique is Kortrijk's punk rock burger stop. Yes, that is a vegan burger with real bacon on it.
Gravenkapel (The Court's Chapel)
St. Elisabeth Beguinage
Jack'it Seriously Hot Potatoes. Just jack it! seriously. 

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