Monday, October 7, 2013

Oktoberfest in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Since we couldn't travel to Bavaria for the real deal, we decided our best option would be at the Hilton. The bad news was the event was sold out, so our thinking was "why not crash the party!" A few hours earlier we ran into a parent at an art opening and she was confident that we should just go for it. We arrive and found five pricy golden tickets.    
Sticks to your ribs.
There were 3 major breweries competing for attention. Somehow we were seated at the St. George table near the stage.
Our pals Andreas the Greek and Lorna of Arabia. 
Tis the season...
The band.
There was plenty of dancing!
Modeling the pirate's booty.   
Working off the brats and beer.  
When you run out of traditional beer drinking songs YMCA and Rocky Mountain High are suitable alternatives.  
Truth be told, I was the designated driver. I had the non-alcholoic Sofi, Ana and company said it tasted like yams. Don't worry dear reader I did sample some of the real stuff in small quantities. 

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