Monday, May 18, 2015

Lake Langano Ethiopia

K8+8 thought our school year should end with one last big adventure. She picked a weekend at Lake Langano with Downtown Jackie Brown, Team Sara/Esme, Mooch Goat (bailed last minute due to illness), and I as the appropriate trip. 

We booked out of our classrooms within minutes of the dismissal bell. The next 3.5 hours were spent dodging live stock, humans, Sino Trucks-What some Ethiopian's call Al Queda, buses, potholes, and donkey carts. We arrived just in time to see stars, listen to the lake slap the shore, and hear wild dogs off in the distance. 

Ethiopia is a birdwatcher's paradise. Well, I didn't intend to look for birds, I walked around with a point-and-shoot camera and snapped what I saw.
Blood oranges? 
Cactus were flowering. 
Livestock outside out campground. 

It is common to see goats climb trees for food...or much on cactus. 
Random grave site.
The shore.
Everyone likes a eagle.
The blooming cacti were abundant. 

Nature's version of swimming pool noodles 

It is the begging of the rainy season and some trees are in bloom. 
Bird nests.
Crazy looking duck.
K8+8 likes to row in the water so we went on a little adventure checking out other villages and camp sites along the lake.
It appears most birds like the orange tree. 
We didn't quite rough it, there was a fully functional kitchen. Most of the people that use the facility are related to the Embassy and I can't see many of them roughing it.  
Downtown Jackie Brown looking for animals.

The images below are from a previous Langano visit.

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