Saturday, August 28, 2010

Some of our favorite things in Kalifornia

Our summer of debauchery and living in a suitcase finally came to an end when we got off the plane in Cairo last week.  And what a summer it was...days of cooler weather, pork, beer, and unveiled women were over; we went from a world of sinning headfirst into the Islamic holy month of Ramadan. We were fortunate to have had the opportunity to visit with our families and friends and kept pretty busy to the point of being backlogged on the whole blog thing. With that said, it would be a good time to share some of our favorite moments that we captured. 

The best BBQ in San Diego. Phil's BBQ pulled pork sandwich-there is always a line out the door.

Le Butcherettes from Guadalajara, Mexico taking the stage at the Soda Bar on El Cajon Blvd. in San Diego.

What would be the point of fixing the red-eye? 

Early on in the set when things were relatively calm.

You can't stop the rock. The band feverishly bashed out a solid set of tunes and turned the crowd into demons for the evening.

Chikle and Selina showed us their new digs by having a little afternoon get together at their place...we were fresh off the plane and jet lagged. I was quite envious of his studio out in the back! Thx Sonia for letting me steal this pict. 

An evening in Tijuana isn't complete without a trip to Fausto's 

Fausto's is in one of the oldest neighborhoods in TJ and have been around since Ana's mom was young. The Torta Especial (see above) con salsa y limon will make you beg for more.

Pedro thought we should do a 25 mile/40 km bike ride through Coronado down the Silver Strand to the salt flats and back. So we did. Afterwards, an Idiot IPA at the Coronado Brewery was our reward. 

The evening started out innocently enough at Wine Steals (a pizza/fine wine bar) then it was that stop at Trader Joe's on the way to Michelle's that upped the ante. What can you say, grapes were thrown at Dodgers fans from their balcony and the apartment rent-a-cop showed up and shut down the Los Bukis and Luis Miguel sing-a-long dance party.

Another day another bike ride through Chicano Park in Barrio Logan.
To read about the history of the park and to see more murals click here

We took our wedding pictures in the park.

Riding along the harbor towards Point Loma


San Francisco's Mission District = Indian Pizza at Zante's
If you can't decide between Italian and Indian fret no more, Zante has what you need. Vegetarian or Tandori Chicken on the same pie, no problemo.  

If we had the option of getting married underneath a Claes Oldenburg sculpture like the Japanese wedding party in the photo that would have been classy! 

Hanging out with Noal means some sort of epic walk is in your future. Near the botanical gardens in Golden Gate Park.

Sutro Bath ruins at Ocean Beach in SF. We walked down to the caves and Noal went rock climbing just enough to scare us.

The direction in which the cypress trees grow are determined by the wind.

Noal sporting his Egyptian tarboosh.

Schmidt's in San Francisco

Claire and her main squeeze Noal

This is what you can expect at Schmidt's.
The potato salad was also amazing.

Across the bay to Oakland to visit with Rich, Kate, and Spencer. Spencer is enjoying an organic strawberry at the farmers market.

Rich likes the nectarine. 

The red or blue haired Bakesale Betty in Oakland serves up a mean and hearty gut-busting Chicken Sandwich and other baked goods. Be prepared to gain 10 pounds! 

Some artwork @ Casa de Rich and Kate

Rich likes records. Later that evening we went over to visit our friends Rita, Teff, and Nelson but sadly we didn't take any photos of them at their friend's house in Berkley Hills. Their friend served us Honduran beans with sour cream, tamales, chicken, steak, and a whole mess of other foodstuffs.   

A train ride over to Stockton to see Chris, Lori, and Sam is always a must! Lori makes the most amazing outfits, bags, wrestling masks, etc...there isn't anything that her and her industrial strength sewing machine can't put together. She made Ana a fangs bag that I will post soon. Chris and his little monkey Sam. 

Our neighbors Lori and Ryan back in San Diego acting as they normally do after an evening of dining on Ethiopian food. If anything their deer collection is impressive.


  1. I hope there's more to come... Not a single word about Colorado? Lame...

  2. Eh? If that means "have I found the threads talking about Colorado," the answer is now "yes."

    Love, Matt