Tuesday, November 9, 2010


This is it folks, our last post before we run away to Lebanon for the week. The "Big Eid" is almost here, the streets are packed with sheep while pedestrians lick their chops (no pun intended, but it makes for a great visual). We've had International Night, Halloween, Fall Festival, and Senior Dance (Superman and The Bearded Lady took care of that one for the team) all within a two week period. We're done, cooked, put a fork in it. Next week we'll be in a religious hodgepodge of sorts hoping Occupied Palestine won't drop any dirty bombs our way. 

The pie in the face portrait is a perfect addition to my CV.

Revenge is sweet in the most literal sense. Drama star Ms. Tonya Dee letting Mr. Bob know how she really feels about her last quarter's grade via bananas and cream.

My Grade 8 advisory class commanded two booths; Sponge in the Face and Eating Contest. Mezen was our big money maker, he even had teachers lining up to throw a soaked sponge at him. Thanks for taking one for the team!

Nathaniel likes birds and robotic dancing, one of the more popular attractions in Alex.

Sarah's usual school uniform.

Our pie eating contest booth wasn't so popular. Heba and Chantal making a mess.

Grade 11 Advisory did the game where a student stands on an inner tube with a plank and the objective is to throw a ball to knock the student off. In the US we call the game "lawsuit" 

Watch out Alex, Madam Lady Kat is on the loose
Reality Check Tip: Jose is really not who we thought he was.

In Egyptian Supermarkets there is a brand of cheese (gibna) called Panda. The commercials are outrageous. Check them out: Never say no to Panda! 

You'd smile too if you just got laid.

Joe said he bought those pants over 30 years ago and yes he brought them to Egypt for his wild nights out on the town. The local taxi drives call him "Mister Crazy Pants"

Scary Carrie and Jessie James. No, not Scary's real skin color but close and yes, Jessie's real hair.

Adam wanted to be a 70's Fred Flinstone.

Darth Maul  or  Little Lucifer or Hot Tamale Guy?


When Ana asked who he was he replied "Princess Persia" what he really meant to say was "Prince of Persia" but with hair like his I can see how one might get mixed-up.

World famous fashion designer Afifi in Paris for Fashion Week showing off her latest collection.

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