Saturday, November 27, 2010

Playing hooky with friends.

A couple of weeks ago our friends Sonny and his mom Christine made it across the pond and then some for a taste of Middle East living. The two week itinerary included: Alexandria, Cairo, and Lebanon. I will be documenting our misadventures in the next five postings.

One of the teachers at school was nice enough to cover my afternoon class so I could go play hooky around Alex and here is the story... 

The produce man down the street from our school. He had been asking for a copy of this photo the day after it was taken. The questioning has reached the point where he has enlisted the broken English baker across the street from his stall to stalk us for the picture. Ana and I have been taking alternative routes to avoid the eager vendors. We are now happy to report that a copy has been made and delivered only to find out that he now wants a picture with me.

Then again it may not. I'm not quite sure what qualifies as a Hero Camel, any insights from our Bedouin readers would be appreciated. An exclusive only available at Qaitbay Fort. 

Each square of this mosaic is the size of a dime. This photo represent maybe one-eighth of the overall composition.

I might have mentioned this in a previous post. The city is saturated with ads for the soda Orange Crush; you definitely see the logo painted on walls, bill boards, and there is even a facility with a fleet of trucks on the road to Cairo. Have I seen an actual bottle or can of the product? Hell no! It doesn't exist here. I have a feeling that 7 UP will fall into the same category.

I've arrived at the conclusion that more people need to pimp out their boats.

I'm going to take a wild guess that the salesman and designer are one in the same. If Chris Shary had an Egyptian counterpart this would be the one. Photo by Sonny.

Yes, the cabbage is larger than your head. Photo by Sonny.

Nothing says you love your friends like an outing to enjoy the sights and smell of Manshaya. Photo by Sonny.

Back in the day China Town San Francisco was tops for photo ops of unusual cuisine. Last time I was there signs were posted strictly prohibiting cameras in the shops. Sonny even mentioned that owners will beat your camera with a stick. No animal rights groups in Alex to keep heads from rolling. Photo by Sonny.

How does one decide a good head, do you feel it like a melon? Photo by Sonny

When in Alex an obligatory destination after putting a couple back at Cap D'or and the Spit Fire Bar is the top of the Cecil Hotel for an amazing view of the corniche, med, and city.

A new sort of ashtry outsiude the Sayed Darwish Opera House.

If it is old books you are looking for, the row of vendors right outside of The French Cultural Center is your best bet.

A last minute gift idea!


  1. You found my Egyptian counterpart!

  2. I need those goat heads for our Winter Solstice ritual. Can you Fed Ex me some? kthxbye