Saturday, November 6, 2010

Various strolls around Alex

Good times start now...

Eid al-Adha aka The big Eid aka slaughter fest 2010 is fast approaching. Waves of immigrant sheep and makeshift pens are popping up all over the hood. In less than a week the streets will be covered in blood, a river of blood, a vampire’s wet dream. Sadly we will miss this event as we're headed back to Lebanon with our friends Sonny and Christine in tow for a little relief.
Cooling off the aish (bread). Did you know that after buying bread a typical practice is to throw it on the sidewalk? I heard the reason is to cool it off. It is rather strange because you don't want to put anything in your mouth that has been on the streets of Alex especially after Eid unless you want a blood sandwich.

There is what is left of a Monte Carlo a few blocks from the school.

When you gotta look good, you gotta look good. 
Hitting students BAD, Shooting them with paintball gun GOOD. Teachers vs student and parent, what a blast!
There is bowling in Alex. Pickell and I bowled a game. The balls had chunks missing so the trick was to avoid cutting your fingers. The 12 year old kid next to us was wearing a shirt that had "FCK" in large print with the caption "the only thing missing is YOU" 
So when Pickell and I were out one evening exploring Miami (a neighborhood) we found a little special place. Belly dancing. We were the only two people in the joint with about 10 workers hovering over us. The show went on at 930 and we stayed long enough for an incriminating photo op. The sparkly matching dolphin top and skirt really sets the mood.

The owner said that the dancing ends around 530 am. The best part of the evening was the air freshener fumigator guy that pumped out a Glade knockoff and made us gag. The concept is similar to fumigating a house for fleas except you leave the can and vacate the house. Runner up was the DJ with his Mr. Microphone muttering nonsense over the music on blown out speakers with occasional feedback. And yes, the dancer is sporting a fake tattoo. Classy.
Not only does Miami have belly dancing but the area is best known for clothing shops. If I'm ever feeling blue, a trip to glance at some of the apparel will turn that frown upside down. 
"I Heta Monday's too"
Need liquor? No problem, Miami has it. It wasn’t the booze that drew us into this establishment, but more the experimental taxidermy and the stuffed animal combo that made this a happening place. These kinds of discoveries make expat life special. I’m sure this would violate some law back in the states or at the very last have the folks from PETA on your case.  
Broken critter? Try packaging tape. What's up with the riding monkey?
I'm going to assume that before Egyptian booze makes you go blind, it makes you crazy.
Rover munching on chicken feet.