Sunday, October 16, 2011

Al Altereen and the Freedom and Justice party

Al Altereen is the antique area in Alex. It is the place where Josh and I were walking around last May and saw an Osama Bin Laden poster up on someone's wall-that was the moment Josh became a Canadian and I became Mexican. Here we are in October and the poster is still up. Josh was on a hunt for an antique corkscrew and bottle openers. Mission accomplished. 
It's about time my student examples saw the light of day...though not as popular as the Freedom and Justice candidate posters that seem to line just about every street. FYI The Freedom and Justice Party was spun from the Muslim Brotherhood this past April. Part of their party platform indicates freedom, justice and equality is granted by God to man, so they are inherent rights of every citizen without distinction of religion, gender, and race with the bonus of free-market capitalism (focus on tourism). Hope they know that tourists like beer and don't want the pyramids or the great Sphinx of Giza to go by the way side under strict Islamic law. All of it sounds good minus the religious element and the glass ceiling for Christians and women as they can only go as far as a cabinet appointment in government. The military just passed a law today (in response to last week's sectarian violence) to outlaw discrimination; the upcoming elections should be a blast.       
After posting this in front of the college, several students were taking a picture with it. 
Not quite sure what this is, but it was selling for 1000 EGP (167 USD)
The expression of the man is pretty great, "Thank you God for vanilla and coco naked women."
Tonight's dinner.

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