Sunday, October 2, 2011

Antsy for Annecy France

It is true, Geneva was sort of a bore and we needed something with a little more kick. A bus ride over into Annecy, France was just what the doctor ordered. Not to sound like a Judas, but my friends in the past have heard me say some not so nice things regarding France. This was during the dark ages when I once knew everything. I have since changed my tune during the age of enlightenment and now embrace the land of croissants and berets. 

No doubt that Switzerland was pricy. In fact when I was chatting with my dad and he asked if it was still expensive considering the last time he was there was over 50 years ago. It's good to know that you can still count on Switzerland to empty your wallet. Here's one for the books, a quotable quote: "I was excited to be paying in EUROS!" When have you ever heard an American utter those words?    

The Venice of France has several buildings along the Thiou canal feeding into Lake Annecy. 
A stroll through the town's center. 
It was a little hike up to Château d'Annecy (Castle) but the view was worth it.
Lake Annecy from the castle.
Do a google image search on Annecy and you'll more-than-likely run across The Palais de l'Isle. The structure sits on the Thiou canal and once housed the Lord of Annecy, later it was converted into a jail, and now acts as a local history museum.    
Tourists. They thought Ana was a local because she was wearing a shirt with French fries
Ana had a galette (non-sweet crêpe) with goat cheese, honey and rosemary it was fab. I got stuck with the intestine and artery clogger favorite plate of cheese, bread, and ham.  
The lake was packed. The town had vacation written all over it. The Garden of Europe sits alongs the lake's shore and offers a relaxing stroll.  
Sure, why not. 
I would live here for the sole reason of joining the bocce club. If you ever need to douse yourself in bocce memorabilia visit the clubhouse.  
Pont des Amours (Lover's bridge) sits in the background. 
Boats for hire.
The panting pig carousel ride.
Du Pain & des Epices is your new favorite Tex Mex/Indian restaurant.

The official logo, the runner-up was the sombrero wearing Speedy Gonzales racing around the Taj Mahal.

Lightbulbs and packaged cheap hard liquor hanging off the walls of Carrefour Express (France's answer to Walmart). 
Protecting the ones you love. 

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