Tuesday, October 18, 2011

North Coast Egypt and Alamein

The extra-curricular duties at our school are out of control, a couple of weeks ago they made us spend our entire weekend at resort on a beach. We were more or less forced to swim in the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean, play volleyball and horseshoes, relax, hang out with friends, eat from a buffet, and worst of all attend a late night dance party. It was far too much to endure. I sure hope we don't get punished like this again ;-)    

This is where we stayed
Paradise isn't it? 
The two above billboard images are the vision for the compound where we stayed and this photo is the reality check. It never hurts to dream big!
Spent two days here, what torture.
Outside our room.
It was a bloody battle and with heavy casualties on both sides. The cork put up a good fight but inevitably lost. 
El Alamein-the Italian memorial.
In 1942 El Alamein was the site of two major battles in North Africa. The Axis troops were eventually pushed back to Tunisia in November of 1942. Between 40,000- 50,000 German and Italian troops died, wounded, or captured.   
Outside the Italian memorial with Omneya.
Plaques with the names of the Italian soldiers.

Gazing out to the sea. 
After the war Winston Churchill wrote: "Before Alamein we never had a victory. After Alamein, we never had a defeat."
The side museum had several artifacts from the battle, including props from Vittorio De Sica's Bicycle Thief. Not really, I couldn't stand to pass up that comment.
The English solider who wore that helmet died.  
The sign on the bottom left is just a little bit upside down. 
Axis and Allies.
Then there was the German memorial site a few kilometers away.
Up close and personal. 
In the center of the memorial. There were a few co-workers taking "Facebook friend" pictures in front on the center statue, it was just a little tacky and disrespectful.
A little earthier than the Italian site.
Only if I could read German
Plaque with names of the German soldiers.  
At the entrance.
Stairs leading to the top. 
Ribbons and wreaths for the commanders.  

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  1. If only I could make out that last word on the German memorial... the shadow is making it really hard to see what the last three letters are.