Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Egyptian Halloween

Fall Festival 2011 has come and gone. It was a blast and yours truly ended up with a pie in his face once again. The joint was packed and happening, truly the best event in Alex this Halloween season. 
Snow White getting ready.
The haunted house isn't soo scary with the lights on. 
The other 99 are at the vet getting fixed. 
The witches making their brew. 
Trick or treat? 
Egyptian dunking tank-this was modified by one of the advisors by applying baby oil to the wooden plank.  
Taking slasher films to the next level.
The Puerto Rican finds a new puppy.
Climb the twisty ladder to the tree and ring the bell for a piece of candy. Watch out for the falling bodies!
The sign says it all.
The new wave of Egyptian explorers. 
Invading witches.
Sense a theme of water, climb the fire escape and drop a water balloon on a loved one.
Balloons away!
Nailed it!

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