Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Happy Election Day Egypt

Egypt has been in the news lately with Revolution-The Sequel in the makings. Yes, we are safe as the action is far enough away from our school. There has been more noise outside our compound in regards to cars driving with loudspeakers telling people how to vote and the sounds of fireworks. The fireworks we hear are more like a junior versions of dynamite and no one is quite sure what the celebrations are for-maybe a crate of them fell off the boat. There was quite an event the other evening with the stuff 4th of July is made of minus the safety buffer zone (meaning it was next to our apartment). Alex-the land where every night (multiple times) is the 4th of July!

Many forests have vanished to supply the political parties with posters that literally cover anything standing (cars, statues, sidewalks). Visually it is amazing. Below is a selection form the streets of Alex.  

Looks like a nice enough man.
Vote for me! 
The Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party. I know it brings Agnostic Front's song Blind Justice to mind...Just in case you forgot the lyrics..."There's no justice, there's just us, blind justice screws all of us."  
The holes in the sign allows the wind to pass
He's got my vote!
The dream team.
You know you can trust this party, all hands on the Koran.
Pick me!
Not really a political poster but I couldn't pass it up. 
The epicenter of Alex demonstrations...on the calm before the storm
Just cover your competition's posters.
Save some room for my political party's poster.
We need ladders for the hard to reach places.
Why is there a camera on the poster? Since a portion of the population is illiterate voters match the symbol (in this case a camera) to they person they wish to vote for on the ballot. Some symbols include: tractor, ruler, smoking pipe, bike, lightbulb, cassette tape, etc.    
In another country this might be your favorite musical group.
I'm not sure if it was this candidate or not, but one group during a debate refused to shake hands with a female candidate because he had just washed for prayer. Women=unclean
The lightbulb team.
The animals know who they like.
Saudi symbol? 
I wonder if during the debate the question was asked how they would include the 10% Christian population into the government.  
You can still add another 2-3 posters.
What are the chances that the candidates and/or parties will clean up their propaganda post election? 
On the sidewalks you have to dodge wooden makeshift sign poles (not pedestrian or biker friendly).
I'm going to guess these guys aren't well liked by some.
Really didn't want you to see the message.
Vote telephone.
Party Dedication.

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  1. Bob! That was great!!!! I especially loved the man drawing that looks happy!!!! Your comments are spot-on, too!!! Love it! I really miss you& your humor!!!!xolaurie