Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ride Like An Egyptian

Two weekends ago Pickell and I did two back to back four hour bike rides throughout Alex and this is what we saw on one of the days.  

A bike trip isn't complete without a stop at the mico bus version of the Santa swing. 
I saw a see-saw and the see-saw saw me and he saw I saw the see-saw.
Santa also protects the individual swingers.  
Funky house on the edge of Montazah Gardens and Mamoura.
I might have mentioned this before, but people are quite dedicated to the act of fishing. Some will swim out to rock with their poles and all. 
Inside Montazah.
About a 20 foot drop.
This guy caught a five-inch fish.
In the back by the building there was a man blowing his whistle at us waving for us to get off the bridge. 
The bridge we weren't suppose to be on. 
The palace.
Backside of Montazah Palace.
Montazah and Mamoura are a slice of heaven here, and this is the rest of Alex.
Gotta take it down to build it up.
Making the bread.
Site of the church that was bombed before the uprising. Several muslims from the mosque across the street helped the victims. 
Airing out the dirty laundry.
Not going anywhere.
Changing a flat.
In action.

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