Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ballast Point Brewery Tour

Walter is a bad man some might say. It takes a lot of will power for a German to go on a brewery tour and not sample the goods. To some this might be considered the greatest of paradoxes. Mark Antonio, Walter, and I joined a herd of other seeking the holy grail at the new Ballast Point Brewery in Mira Mesa (fake San Diego).  

By the number of beers being served, I'm sure the dishwasher is working overtime by the time the clock strikes noon. 
Just a couple of choices. I liked the Sculpin, Tongue Buckler, Sea Monster, Piper Down, Black Marlin Porter. Anything infused with habanero, ginger, or called Sour Wench, should be avoided.
Mark Antonio and Walter on a normal late morning
Making the magic happen. 
Mine is a stovetop device.
Ballast has a separate distillery business under the same roof. 
Not as high tech as my bathroom operation.
Love at first sight.
Walter turning into a Martian. 
What happened to the person who sits in the white chair?

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