Sunday, September 23, 2012

Summertime in Denver

I was pretty lazy with the camera in Denver this summer. I felt liked I missed people and events. The biggest news while we were there was the theatre shooting in Aurora, which is five minutes from my parent's house. My brother George and I had gone there a few days earlier to see Moonrise Kingdom. As I mentioned on Facebook, Ana flirted with the idea of wanting to go see Batman opening night, but I wasn't a fan of the idea. And you know the rest of the story. After the fact I thought about driving to the theatre to take pictures and I even drove by the killer's apt. but I couldn't bring myself to pull out the camera. Ana didn't see the point of it, she was right. 

A rental car is like a grab bag.
Our friend's daughter Fiona riding the deer lawn ornament. 
Always good to see Lentini who is trying to be off the grid.
Lost contact with Leslie after high school but connected with FB...this is the type of success story FB wants you think about while the government complies and tracks your personal lives and whereabouts. 
The best sign in the world returns to Camels and Tacos for an encore. A definite family heirloom. 
We were out driving around and decided on a Coors Brewery tour.
There was plenty displays of the brewery's history minus photos of the cross burnings and Ku Klux Klan meetings said to have been held on the property back in the 1920's. There is still debate if those rumors are true. Coors was successfully sued for discrimination in the late 60's in addition to not being labor union friendly.    
There is no denying that Coors family has strong ties to the political right with the likes of the Heritage Foundation and John Birch Society. Reach for that Silver Bullet. 
John Elway always seems to be enjoying a Coors Light in his booth during Broncos games.  
Not only does West Colfax offer seedy motel options but is also rich with signs of a by-gone era. If you favor Americana hotel signage your best bet is Raton, New Mexico. 
Downtown Denver.
West side near 8th and Santa Fe.
The Santa Fe/Aztlan Theatre still stands. The invention of VHS tapes and Blockbusters killed the mom and pop theatre business. The Aztlan has a long history with Denver's punk community; it was the venue to see larger bands. I booked many shows there during my tenure as a promoter. The code of conduct was "don't fuck with the neighbors" and sure enough there were usually fights between the punks and homies. The Denver Skins antics in the late 80's didn't help the cause either. The sign on the marquee still has the same phone number and if you're daring, give the owner Tim Correa a call and book your next gig there.  
Looking west on Alameda Ave. at Peoria St.
The old Stapleton tower. 
Ana and I celebrated our belated five year anniversary at the Palace Arms at the Brown Palace Hotel. 
Dig into your child's college fund and do the five-course tasting menu with the wine pairings
We continued our romantic evening with 57 Lesbian and  
The Nuns of Brixton (a nun Clash cover band) at the Lion's Lair. 
Ana helped Ocean and Haleigha write letters to Cake Boss and Elmo, I'm sure the girls had choice words for both.  

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