Monday, September 17, 2012

Gent late June 2012

I suppose if you visit a place for three consecutive years it becomes an annual trip. Gent, Belgium fits nicely into that category. While I was uploading evidence of our (Flanders) Belgium adventures I became nostalgic and somewhat jealous that our friends here at school will be making there way out there in October. Gent wouldn't be what it is without our friends Goedroen, Harry, Els, and their groups of friends. As always we had a blast. 

This time around Ana and I thought we should venture outside the city limits via trains and bikes. The next two postings will attempt to document the space between Gent and Bruges. If you ever thought about biking Belgium, book your tickets today and live the dream.  

Goedroen and Harry moved and consolidated their home and business in one location. Check out their break room/patio. 
Gent-lovely as always.
We only had 6 days to experience the fountain of barley water and without hesitation, fear, or shame we indulged.
There wasn't quite enough memory on camera to properly document our beverage intake. We made do with what we had. 
Enjoying an apĂ©ritif before a late dinner. 
10:30 the summer up north. 
St. Bernardus Abt 12 is said to have a close resemblance to a Westvleteren (the rarest of the Trappist Breweries). Don't consume more than a couple in one sitting.
Stoofvlees with frites. (Flemish beef stew with fries). The sauce is made with a dark beer (dubbel) and was enjoyed with a St. Bernardus Abt 12.
The canal at night.
TRACK "contemporary art leaves the museum and conquers the city" is a site specific exhibit throughout Gent this past summer.  
Bikes outside the Dampoort train station.
Het Velootje Gent is a bar in the loosest terms, but looks more like your hoarding grandfather's garage. When the owner isn't working at the post office he opens his doors on his days off, invites you in despite that the bar is officially closed. A mystery draft beer is served to you in a plastic cup. If you're lucky you'll be invited over to the owner's computer and asked to write a review to persuade the city to let the bar reopen...and it gets bizarre from there. One of Gent's best-kept secrets.    
A popular flier around town.
Boat Tourism Noise Tourism (the name of your new gutter punk band)
Good to the last drop.
It was probably tasty.
Upon closer investigation the fallen letters were violently ripped from the walls, not sure if this was intentional or art vandalism.  
Frituur Bij Sint-Jacobs is your one stop fries shop. 
It took a lot of will power not to knock this over. 
Needed to sample a Belgium IPA, the Bierhius has a couple on tap.
The other IPA
A light afternoon beer, buy a six-pack and get a free soccer jersey. Goedroen and Harry's holy water.  
A Belgium craft brew.
Typical table top on an outdoor cafe.
A visit to Gent isn't complete without going over to Els (100%) for one of her over the top meals.  
The yarn room at Els. 
When Els isn't making art or delicious food she runs a Champagne and Cava bar. 
Q: How many beers did we exactly drink in 6 days?
A: None of your damn business. 
Stay tuned for part 2 and 3. 

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