Monday, August 19, 2013

Week two in Addis

Since our last post we haven't really escaped our compound or gone on any real adventures. We keep pretty busy with school and the rain limits our explorations. The power outages have been less frequent, but internet connection at home is still hit or miss, when it is a hit we can check e-mail...other activities such as streaming video, Skype, etc. is pretty much a pie in the sky. 

In other news, US Customs had pulled our container off the ship and was searched for weapons of mass destruction; an A-TECT exam (Anti-Terrorism Contraband Enforcement Team). If customs determines that your cargo needs inspection, the container is contracted to a third-party to be taken to a warehouse a couple of miles from the port. Once at the warehouse the third-party company (Price Transfer Inc.) opens the container and boxes. A-TECT comes in and looks for weapons of mass destruction (yes, that is the real term used). The exam is free but the cost to pull it off the boat and driven a couple of miles amounted to about $1500 (at our expense).   

We were followed by one of the boys during our hike up Mount Entoto...The other guarded our van. 
Daily rain in the school's parking lot.  
There are 2 Bobs and a Rob on campus. Rob hosted a single malt tasting while the other Bob played the hand of Michelangelo's God.   
Q: Where do most of the Canadian's who work at our school live?  
Dance party in Little Canada.  
The band providing the dance tunes.
This is why I carry a Sharpie with me. We decided that our housing complex should be a gang. So I gave everyone Varnero tats. 

Jackie rocking it!
Monica wanted a neck tat. 
Saturday DMV funzies. We are legal to drive. 
The DMV had a cool car museum in it...but no photos allowed.
Ana and the stolen a baby.
Actual size and mean as hell.
Dog day afternoon.
Running track beneath our apartment. The loop is about a quarter km, combine that with the stairs and you have the Varnero mini-gym. Word to the wise: some homies got stuck in the elevator when the power went out the other night-unless you like Russian Roulette, stairs are your best option. If you do get get stuck, scream loud so your friends can come an giggle.  
After the DMV comes car shopping. Fully loaded. 

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