Monday, September 2, 2013

Around Addis and such.

Some teachers and students have been passing around a cold and I think that it might have reached yours truly. Ana has something a little different going on, chills without a fever. See what you're missing out on. You're also missing out on the following....
We have a pair of tortoises roaming around campus, they are huge and old. One on Ana's student tried to ride one during recess. Maybe that can be our new side business. 
We crashed a birthday party then borrowed the hats that were on a shelf. I should have asked first, but you know me an my lack of manners. 
Getting duped in Addis. We got an e-mail about a mariachi band with a flier and it looked like the real deal, then it was some shitty cover band playing through a blown out PA. 
Ana found a cool bowling shirt in San Francisco and thought we should start a bowling league in Addis. 
Yeah, don't leave poop in the toilet, cochino! 
Ryan trying to pick up a split.
Rain and the super tacky/ugly dump that is on campus. I would understand if it was some postmodern statement, but it isn't...just an eyesore.
Popcorn is poplar at school.
Our friend Andreas showing us what $150 salmon looks like.  
Brighten up you're child's day with cute puppy.  
They come in all shapes and sizes. 
A buzzing mosquito while you sleep is the fast track to a cranky morning.
My new car.
Good fences make good neighbors!
A couple of our apartment buddies decided we should go hiking in our backyard. Free child with every hike. 
There are a couple of churches on the hill.  
Didn't quite make it to the top. 
We had escorts...a group of boys decided to follow us for the first hour. 
Looking out at the west part of the city.
One of our escorts said "deforestation"
Taking a load off. 
A good place to twist an ankle.
Taking water up the hill.  
Laundry day.
Beef, it's whats for dinner.
Guard tower. 
You can take your new Pit Ball puppy here for shots. 
New construction.
There are lots of bones on the sidewalks near our home. 
Mural on school wall. 
The horses on the street have multiplied.   
Sky danger. 


  1. We all have colds at my school in GA too - must be a worldwide epidemic. Love the car. Do you have a follow button?

  2. More cute puppies:

  3. haha you got duped because you dont know the meaning of means in any band that plays for celebrations...we were playing for the celebration of the opening of the new bar whose owner lived in MEXICO and cooks MEXICAN food
    ...and you gOt duped because you didnt read the warlord you think a real mariachi band would be called mariachi for the warlord!! ha...and anyway we had a trumpet dude and a Spanish drummer!!!
    ...and you call us shitty...didnt see you volunteer to take our place mate...

    1. Every band is somewhat shitty, i've played in my fair share of them, that is the way it goes. Everyone seemed happy and thats all that really counts, your Pink Floyd cover provided a service. What does my opinion matter anyway. btw Spanish does not equal Mexican...and there is metal doom Mariachi...maybe they should be called Warlord. Thanks for making my day.

  4. What did you play?come and jam with us tonight!

    1. Diablito, would love to...pero no hay guitara, on the way but the Somali pirates might be jamming on it or using the wood for kindling. we'll see-one day. I'm always up for making noise.