Saturday, April 12, 2014

Art tour of Barcelona

One of the best parts of Barcelona was spending several days walking around and checking out the architecture, museums, galleries, etc. There were a couple of places were I wasn't allowed to document my visit via my point and shoot camera. Kudos to those that did.   

Skate and destroy windows at MACBA. 
Part of my workshop was to go visit MACBA. The main exhibit was: Before Our Eyes: Other Cartographies of the Rif. A collection of modern art from the Rif region of Morocco. 
A whole different meaning to 'donkey punch'
Film still of Grosse Fatigue, by Camille Henrot. Click here to see a snippet of it. All 13 minutes of it are worth checking out. To read more about her project go here.
Another still from Grosse Fatigue.
From the MACBA collection
From the MACBA collection
Antoni 2004-2014-how has cell phone and social media shaped your life? "This interesting project by Antoni Abad reflects ten years of marginalization through sound recordings, video and photography. is used as an amplifier of communities that are usually marginalized, with documents created by themselves, through the use of mobile telephones. Saharan refugees, Latin American immigrants in New York, gypsies and also disabled or blind people are some of the groups that have formed part of the experience for the past ten years, and which we now have the opportunity to observe and experience at the MACBA."
 Mustafa Hulusi's Afyon 2009 discusses the use of poppy plants as a cash crop in Afghanistan outside the realm of narcotics. Caixa Forum had a great short video exhibit Rumour. The best of the bunch was: The History of the Typewriter recited by Michael Winslow Click on the title to watch all all 20 minutes of it.
Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya was also on the list. Here you have Maria Fortuny The Slaughter of the Abencerrajes (1870). from the Modern Collection
Rossend Nobas Torero ferit (1871). Perhaps a little dramatic after getting gored by a bull. I was actually surprised to see this and one other bullfighting piece, I thought perhaps art depicting bullfighting would be banned in Catalonia as well. 
Interior dome ceiling.
Joaquim Mir-The cathedral for the poor 1898 (note: the early stages of La Sagrada Familia in the background)
The Gothic collection was fab if you're into martyrs, slayings, demons, and Jesus.
Compared with Ethiopian artists who depict similar Biblical stories, there is quite a contrast in their approaches. (click here to see my post from Paintings from the Ethnographic Museum of the Institute of Ethiopian Studies)
Got the devil caught in your mouth? 
In my opinion, Suñol Foundation has some of the best contemporary pieces. I would have posted different photos, but I was told "no photos please"
Across the street from Suñol Foundation there were a coupe of exhibitions at the Palau Robert. The first one featured the illustrations, cardboard instruments, and puppeteering of  Roser Capdevila. She has published over 300 titles in her long career in addition to giving birth to triplets in 1969.  
One of Roser Capdevila's illustration.
The top floor of the Palau Robert featured Prêt-à-Porter, 1958-2008. Fifty Years of the Fashion Industry

I wish Ana would wear this. 

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