Thursday, April 24, 2014

Villa Franca del Penédes vs. Sant Sadurní d'Anoia Barcelona Wine Country

Ok folks, the truth has come out, Ana and I are spies for Charles Shaw aka The Bronco Wine Company. They sent us on a secret mission to infiltrate cava and wine country near Barcelona.   
Batman has the Batmobile, Ana has the Cavacycle.  
Bob's cover is selling "chocolates" 
We planted some Two Buck Chuck seeds a couple of years ago, look at the progress. 
This is how we travel to avoid detection.
We ate all the enemy's grapes.
Inside the Torres epicenter. I had a hunch that they knew who we were, so they put us in an eco-friendly solar powered train to tour the facilities. They made sure we didn't get out of the train as they assigned us an escort .  
Spy food.
A visit to The Wine Museum in Villa Franca was also part of the mission.
Grape torturing devices. 
Wine making dioramas were a hit for most museum goers, but for undercover agents like us, they contained sensitive information.

Deadly potion bottles.
A visual history of past wine spies.

Decorative winery furniture always impresses party guests, little do they know this is an information gathering device. 
Ana waiting to speak with our "handler" aka "chief." Our secret meetings took place in an old wine barrel. Clever, right. 
You may not know it, but Ana and I are hiding in these contraptions. 
A detailed 3D map of how we infiltrated the nucleus of our enemy's headquarters.  
My other disguise.
Choices, choices of where to hide the poisonous potion. 
The table was set and we were ready for our mark...
We danced into the evening...
...and when the night was about over...
...the server AKA Agent Pinguino laid low and ready for the orders... 
...Ana served the deadly potion...
...the church where the services were held for our mark. Mission accomplished.
A peek into our training facility aka "Simon Chocolates" 
Which poison do you think we used?
Behind the doors leads to a secret underground facility. 
Operation Calçots was a success.

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