Thursday, April 24, 2014

Hello Dali Museum, Toy Museum and Roses, Sapin

This will be a pretty basic post with photos of fun stuff like art and creepy Catalonian dolls. I did this trek alone as Ana was back in Addis working. I was on a fact finding mission to test out the logistics of bringing my IB art students here next school year. What could be more impressive for an art student than a trip to the home of one of the most significant artists of the 20th century and a cool toy museum.    

Dali never left the building.
Lot's of schools and kids roaming around the joint.
Ground view.
Ladder view.
If the Dali Museum didn't quite do the trick, then the Toy Museum might be a better option. 
Making this when we have kids. 
Hey Jimmy, wanna come over and play church?
Indoctrination though play. Not quit the Fisher Price farm set we all know and love. 
How serial killers are made.
Come here precious. 
Did you grow-up with the saw off the arm doll set? Sure there was the game Operation, but this touches on an entirely different skill level. Should the head be darker? 
The person that played with these probably developed a lifestyle of drawing pentagrams on walls with goat blood.
Not Hello Kitty.
Hum, do I want the church play set or the possessed dolls.
Rosemary's Baby play set, holy water included.
A little lighter.
If Henry Darger designed toy covers
This would keep me busy for hours.
Bear gonna cap yer ass. Shotgun Wedding Bear play set.
Tortured Bear action figure. This might give you ideas if you're into DBSM (bondage and discipline with sadomasochism).
The traveler action figure.
Roses looked like a nice place on the map for a short excursion. 
Lighthouse and castles, sure.
Fish lawn ornament, yes please. 
The town's center did have a Spanish Civil War Memorial sculpture.
Ciutadella of Roses is worth a peek.
And a nice way to burn an afternoon during siesta hours.
I was the only person there.
The Ciutadella had been inhabited by Greeks, Romans, monks, and hosts a bomb shelter dating back to the Spanish Civil War. 

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