Monday, September 16, 2013

The real New Year in Addis.

How I spent New Year in Addis.
By Robby Medina

Construction site equals green and yellow fences. Why green and yellow? Rumor has it that someone in the government likes the Brazil football team.   
Rocking the cool street art. 
Yes, those would be sticks.
A goat peddler chatting with our van driver. $40 will get you a nice goat.
It was Mexican week at the Radisson. BTW, happy Mexican Independence Day.
The Mexican embassy flew out the high school age musicians from Oaxaca and a chef from Guadalajara for the week.
Remember the sticks surrounding the building above? 
A story about a drunk little tree.
In our free time, Ana, friends, and I stumble around construction sites...for fun.
Probably not California building code friendly.
Just a short walk over the hill from where we live.
This is what out place looked like 3 years ago.
It is always nice to have a group of children follow you to practice their English and laugh at you.  When we parted ways they said "we love you" and giggled off into a field.
Progress is a real shame. 
Gotta get the Pepsi and beer up the hill somehow.
"We love you" 
Gotta keep the electricity flowing. 
Female gender symbol and 420...what does this mean? 
Nothings says happy new year like a skull.
Somebody likes the Broncos.
Stopped by for a beer at a local bar and meet these nice fellows...
...and our server. The hairdos are amazing in Addis. An added bonus of living here,
Good thing we don't have to travel far to buy our new pet goat.  These nice gentlemen were eager to assist us.
It was a tough choice...
...but we settled on Birriacita. 
We also get fresh chicken delivery at home. 

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