Monday, September 30, 2013

Meskel Celebration at School

Hello Spring and goodbye rain...well, almost. Meskel is an annual celebration of the Ethiopian Orthodox church. Sights of Meskel include yellow daisies decorating a constructed pile of firewood with a cross erected at the top (demera), and the abundance of folks wearing white shirts and dresses. The original concept of the holiday 1600 years ago was to find the true cross Jesus was crucified on. On the eve of the holiday, demeras are lit around the country; the largest celebration being in Addis Ababa in Meskel Square. The burning demeras take away the sins and concludes with the cross falling. The hope is that the cross falls in the direction of Jerusalem-meaning a good year is ahead.  If you would like to read more about the festival click here.   
Adding the final touches to the demera. You will find demeras in each neighborhood. 
Grade 3 hosted an elementary celebration. 
There was music and dancing.
Some of the beautiful hairdos. 
After the elementary festival, there was a school-wide gathering on the field.
Bringing the fire.
Lighting ceremony.
Some more great hair.
The falling cross. 

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