Monday, September 9, 2013

New Year and Meskel in Ethiopia is fast approaching

What could be billed as our most adventurous weekend yet...not really. Sunday was a nice outing and it started at the Vatican Embassy where we went to mass. Everyone seems nice and the building is modern (made by the same dude who designed our apartments). The grounds are lovely and overall is a nice place to be introspective.   
The church.
On the Vatican (ET) grounds.
The mirror and wall outside our school...near the stinky creek parking lot.
Did you get your New Year chicken yet? There is still time. We are in the 13th and last month of 2005. On Wednesday, it will be 2006. Yes, you too can regain your youth by moving to Ethiopia. 
I love the skies here, but love the power lines even more. 
We drove to the base of Mount Entoto for our Meskel attire. I will post more about Meskel in the upcoming weeks. One co-worker described the holiday as Ethiopians in white robes/clothing burning crosses. If you grew up in the United States of American, you might have a different impression of that visual.  
Looking for the right dress.
A lucky man with several cocks. We saw lots of people walking around pulling goats by one leg, chicken over the shoulder: all getting ready for the big feast. We are excited for our first Ethiopian new year. 
If you followed our last blog in Egypt ( you know about my obsession with mannequins. I like that this one is handmade, almost a form of papier-mache. 
One Meskel dress that Ana tried considered.  
Aside from mannequins, billboards are a close number two. AIDS awareness. We are told that there is an AIDS colony up Entoto.  
Can anyone explain the stick in the neck guy? Looks like someone is using Jedi powers. 

There are plenty of birth control ads around the city. I'll have to make a post about them sometime sooner than later. 
The mini-bus network will get you everywhere. 
Love the logo to the bus company.
I was missing the Lada taxis in Egypt, but not for long. 
Yet another Teletubbies ad for a school.  
Kids here love their picture taken. 

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